PEM350 Power Data Logger and ScreenThe PEM350 is a power data logger that allows you to complete an in-depth analysis of your electricity consumption.

It is suited for electricians, energy auditors and other professionals looking to track electricity usage in detail at either household or commercial sites.

  • Monitors 4 power circuits plus 2 additional inputs (eg. temperature)
  • Delivers comprehensive reporting on-screen or automatically by email
  • Sends usage alarms by email to any number of recipients
  • Up to 16 of these data logging units can be connected to one PC
  • Data is stored on SD card as backup or for later retrieval
  • Developed and made in Australia

THE PEM350 can be used anywhere there are power circuits that need to be monitored or investigated. Connection is simple using the supplied current clamps.

In addition to its 4 power monitoring points, the PEM350 has 2 additional inputs that can be used to monitor temperatures or any other process variables that can be transmitted as standard industrial signals such as 4-20mA, 0-10V etc.

Scalable monitoring and reporting

Multiple PEM350’s can be connected to one PC which can configure, monitor, alarm and report on up to 16 units.

The free MAP350 software provided is designed to deliver information to you rather than requiring you to fetch it. In this way, the PEM350 keeps your whole organisation informed about the costs of each circuit monitored including power consumption, energy consumed, CO2 equivalent and the cost of the energy.

Accurate cost tracking and high usage alarms

The cost for each interval reported is based upon time of day and a cost per unit for that time of day plus a fixed charge. This helps you accurately track your cost reductions as changes are made such as shifting operating times.

The alarms can be used with the inbuilt time delay function to warn you when the power in any circuit has exceeded a preset amount for a prescribed period.

Data storage

The PEM350 uses a 2GB SD card to store the data. This card will provide more than 2 years worth of data storage operating continuously.

Software and specs

For more information on the supplied software and full specification click here (PDF).

Installation diagram

PEM350 power data logger installation diagram

Cost guide

Cost will depend on your required setup but starts from $990 inc GST to buy the unit outright or $250 inc GST for a one month rental including delivery both ways.

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